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Missing teeth can impair your speech, limit your diet, and destroy your confidence. The good news is you don’t have to continue living without your smile. Modern dentistry has brought replacement teeth a long way from the bridges, partials, and dentures of the past. As a family and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Swathi uses modern dental prosthetics, like crown and bridgework or full and partial dentures that look natural and lasts for years.

Replacing Teeth with a Bridge

A dental bridge involves one or more prosthetic teeth in a row anchored to two crowned abutment teeth. Dr. Swathi can place and restore implants as well; so many Valley Fair patients prefer implant-supported bridgework. With implant supports, a bridge is anchored to an implant, not to crowned abutment teeth.

Replacing Teeth with Full or Partial Dentures

To replace many missing teeth, Dr. Swathi may suggest a full or partial denture. Also called dentures and partials, these prosthetic appliances consist of replacement teeth affixed to a gum-colored base. Patients use adhesive or clasps to hold the prosthetic in place. Like bridgework, dentures can be anchored to dental implants to alleviate the need for clasps and adhesives.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you’ve worn dentures for a while, you know the slipping that can occur. When teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to atrophy shrinking gums and causing an ill fit over time. Implant-retained dentures are anchored to several dental implants to create a solid foundation. Because implants act as tooth roots, jawbone loss is halted, and the implants create a secure fit without embarrassing clicking and slipping.

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