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Emergency Orthodontic Care in San Jose, CA

Emergencies happen to everyone, and usually at the worst possible times, too. They can be especially scary if your braces are the culprit when you’re right in the middle of your orthodontic treatment! The last thing our team at Valley Fair Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants is for our patients to have to suffer from discomfort and pain. Please contact our San Jose office as soon as possible if you think you might have suffered an orthodontic emergency, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips for how to relieve pain or correct damage on your own in a variety of situations.

Excessive Soreness

Soreness is actually a common side-effect during the first week or so after first having braces placed, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. To relieve the pain, try rinsing your mouth with a warm saltwater mouthwash. If this doesn’t help, any medicine that you take on a regular basis for headaches (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc) should do the trick.

Loose or Poking Wire

If your wire is loose, try to move it back into place with the help of tweezers or wax. If these don’t work, you can use fingernail clippers to cut the wire behind the very last tooth.

If your wire is poking your gum tissue, placing wax on the sharp end can help reduce the effect. In addition, try to use tweezers or a pencil eraser to gently nudge it back into its place.

Loose Bracket or Band

If the pieces are still attached to the wire, apply wax over the affected area at once. If they fall off completely, place them in a plastic baggie or some other container and bring them with you to our office as soon as possible.

Remember that these solutions are not meant to be permanent fixes; you’ll need the qualified help of Dr. Smeet-dr-swathi.htmlwathi and her team in order to restore your braces to full form and functionality! Don’t wait another day – contact our San Jose office in order to schedule an emergency appointment. We’re committed to providing you with the concise and comprehensive care you need to make your smile truly a sight to behold!

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