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TMJ and Nightguards

For patients who suffer with TMJ problems and teeth grinding, Dr. Swathi offers solutions. Teeth grinding is a common problem, and while most people will grind their teeth during sleep if they're going through a period of intense stress, some people develop this as a chronic habit. The habit then damages the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) in the jaw, a small joint that can be easily taxed through the strain of teeth grinding. A nightguard can protect the teeth and jaw from the negative effects of teeth grinding.

A nightguard will be created from impressions of your teeth, meaning that this intraoral appliance will contour perfectly to your mouth for comfort and effective protection. Once your nightguard is created, it will snugly fit your teeth, making it secure throughout the night. You wear your nightguard throughout the night, lessening the pressure from clenching and grinding and keeping your teeth from rubbing against each other, preventing tooth wear and loss.

How do you know if you're having trouble with teeth grinding and your TMJ? The symptoms can include:

  • Popping or Clicking of the Jaw
  • Wearing of Teeth
  • Pain in the Jaw, Face, Ear, Neck, or Shoulders
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Ear Congestion

If you think that you might be suffering with TMJ problems and teeth grinding, call Valley Fair in San Jose to schedule your consultation with family dentist and cosmetic dentist Dr. Swathi today. We can create a nightguard or provide recommendations for other TMJ treatment methods to help alleviate your pain and keep your smile intact for years to come. Our office serves Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Rose Garden, Willow Glen, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and surrounding California communities.

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